I can teach leaded glass design and construction to beginners. I have taught students of all abilities, including those with special educational needs. I will tailor the workshop to the needs of your group.

For a beginner's workshop I would recommend a full day - say 10am-4pm to allow time to work carefully and enjoy the day.

Typical workshop outline

A 6hr session would include:
  • Health and Safety briefing
  • Introduction to methods of construction.
  • Introduction to practical factors in design.
  • Making a suncatcher, using one of my designs.

A longer course - eg 3 days would allow for production of larger designs, or for students to design their own pieces.

Group size and age

I recommend no more than 8 per group to enable me to give plenty of one-to-one supervision. I would suggest a lower age limit of 14.

What do I provide?

  • All necessary tools and materials.
  • Risk assessments for the venue/organisers.
  • Health and safety briefings for students.

What facilities do I require?

I need a room with power and water (or easy access to a water supply). It is advisable that the workshop take place in a room with a hard floor, so that broken glass can be swept up easily. The room should not be accessible to members of the public not taking part in the workshop. It should not be a place where food is prepared.


I have a flat rate of £280 per day, which includes all materials and equipment. If you wish to book a series of short sessions we can negotiate a fee.

Some examples of workshops I have run in the past

Five sessions of 3 hours for a group of adults with learning difficulties. In these they produced two suncatchers each. I provided close assistance. The group members expressed deep satisfaction with their end products.

Two one-day sessions for an arts festival, providing open-access to craft skills. The group were of mixed ability. They each produced a suncatcher.

An afternoon session making suncatchers for a group of Y10 students interested in careers in traditional skills. The group picked up the skills quickly and were very pleased with their work.

An evening session as part of a group holiday. Individuals used my patterns as well as designing their own.

A demonstration of both lead-came and copper foil technique for a group of looked-after young people. I then led the group in producing their own artwork inspired by window designs.

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