The recent projects section shows some of my work, with guide prices. If you would like to commission a piece, please contact me to discuss your requirements. The following are some FAQ from those considering a commission.

What sort of things can you make?

I make windows (both internal and external), door panels, screens, suncatchers, mirrors/frames, candleholders, mobiles, boxes. If you have an idea for another glass object or structure, contact me and we can discuss.

I use both the copper foil and lead came construction method. Copper foil - sometimes called the 'Tiffany method' - is suited to more detailed work, and cannot be used out of doors. Lead cames - heavy lead strips used to join the glass - give a very bold line and are especially suited to exterior windows.

How does the commissioning process work?

1. We discuss what you want, where. It is helpful if you can provide me with images to illustrate your preferences. These might be from books, photos, postcards, nature, the web, or simply colours that you like. If you are stuck for ideas, I can bring some sources with me. If you would rather give me a free hand, that is fine.

2. I will take measurements and photos.

3. I produce some thumbnail sketches as starting points for us to discuss.

4. You choose one sketch, and I will use that, with any comments you may have, to produce a full scale design.

5. You view the plan and make any final comments.

6. At this stage I will give you a price for the finished piece, including the cost of fitting.

7. Once you have approved the plan, you are committed to pay the agreed price.

8. I make the piece, deliver and fit.

What about price?

The price of your artwork will depend on two factors:

How time-consuming the construction is.

Roughly speaking, a work consisting of many small pieces of glass will take longer than one consisting of a few large, simple shapes.

What it is made of

On a scale from cheap to expensive, clear glass is the cheapest and deep rich and opaque colours more expensive.

Is it possible to install a leaded window if I have double glazing?

If you are about to install double glazing it may be possible to insert leaded glass panels between the two clear glass panes. This will depend on your fitter.

If you already have double glazing we may be able to install a piece of leaded glass in its own frame. This is easier with wood framed double glazing. For example see the fritillaries window in the recent projects section.

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